David Myles was born in London in the late fifties.

He was drawn to dance music in his early years and soon became a follower of Soul, Ska and Reggae. In the Seventies Rock music became more influential but he later re-discovered his need for dance rhythms.

In the early Eighties David Myles found himself drawn to the dance culture evolving in the North West, and particular, the sounds of Northern Soul. Soon the clubs in Manchester, London and the South of England were starting to play the newly emerging genre of dance music known as House.

From the early excitement from listening to House David Myles found himself being drawn further into the underground culture that surrounded Acid House and the ensuing Rave culture.

But it was not all about warehouse parties and mudding fields in the late 80’s and early 90’s because he was also influenced by the laid back sounds starting to emanate from the Balearics.

But for David the absolute in musical satisfaction arrived when he heard the likes of Jeff Mills and Derrick May and the early sounds coming from Detroit, which heralded the birth of Techno.

During all this time unfortunately David was forced to face the need to further his chosen career in a profession that was quite removed from the creative world of music and to ignore his early ambition to DJ.

But now the dance music follower has become the performer. Do not be fooled, ‘experience’ does not mean forever looking back. Age does not effect the man who loves cutting edge House Music

So if you like Deep Techno, Detroit Techno, Minimal Techno, Berlin Techno…and Techtro. And sometimes there is a difference, maybe a hint of Deep or Tech House or even a touch of Breaks or Electro.

I may be older than your father but dont let that put you off…you will not be disappointed when you hear the music of DJ David Myles. Performer and Producer.

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